Do your IDs scan?
Ef yea they do! We wont ship out unless they scan with the correct info!
Do your IDs have Magstripe?
The only state on the site that has magstripe is PA and yes it does swipe!!!!!!!!!!!
Are these IDs legal? Delete
Not sure, but these are noveltys, Not intended for anything else but movie props.
Do you sell ID's for illegal purposes?
No way! :P
Do you accept Reloadit pack as payment?
Yes we do, but please make sure to not upload your 10 digit pin into a reloadit safe or it will make your order invalid, make sure the only place you input the pin is on the site, also include the exact amount thats on the reloadit pack or it will delay your order! EXAMPLE 4405959911 - 85$
Where can i contact you about orders and questions?